The Republican Center of National Cultures


Address: 220029, 19, Chicherina Street, Minsk



Director: Olga Antonenko
+375 17 365 04 07

+375 17 378 86 04



Deputy Director: Valentina Grishkevich


Artistic Director: Elena Gosteva


Legal adviser: Tatiana Zharkevich


Chief Accountant: Elena Moskaleva





Department of work with national-cultural public associations and public associations of Belarusians abroad:


Head of Department: Drozd Anastasia

(+37517 3959603);

Leading Specialist: Alina Samokhina

(+37517 3959603);

Leading Specialist: Olga Sоbanina

(+37517 3788048).




Department of folk art:

Deputy Head of the Department: Raisa Voitsekhovskaya

(+375 17 3654695);

Leading Specialist: Yulia Shaban

(+37517 3654695);

Leading Specialist, librarian: Tamara Yaskevich

(+375 17 3654695).



List of government agencies that are subordinate to the Ministry of culture Belarus



List of the State bodies

and organizations of Belarus



Schedule of personal reception of citizens, their representatives and representatives

of legal entities in the Ministry

of Culture of the Republic of Belarus

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