Belarusians abroad

A purposeful policy of state support of culture enables Belarusian compatriots abroad to preserve the history and culture of their nation, their ethnic identity and identity, remember, defend and promote the interests of their historical homeland in the countries of residence.


Outside of the Republic of Belarus there are up to 3.5 million Belarusian compatriots, natives from Belarus and their descendants, over 220 public associations of Belarusian compatriots in the countries of the former USSR, Europe, America, Australia, Great Britain, etc.



To provide support and coordination of this activity, organizational and methodological and practical assistance to public associations of Belarusians of foreign countries in the implementation of their statutory activities, the Republican Center of National Cultures was established and for over 20 years by the Order of the Ministry of Culture No. 291 of December 22, 1994.


The Center actively works in order to establish, develop and strengthen contacts with compatriots who live abroad. Updates are made about compatriots in the Center’s computer data bank.


The goal of the Centre is not only the moral and material support of compatriots, but also the assistance in popularization of Belarus and its culture abroad, the promotion of Belarusian brands and reliable information about the socio-economic and cultural life, the current level of development of Belarus in their countries of residence. This is facilitated by the transfer of Belarusian national costumes, literature, musical instruments and repertoire collections, audio and video materials about Belarus, souvenirs and promotional products to compatriots.


The Center works in cooperation with the Ministries of Culture,  the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of  Education, the Ministry Foreign Affairs and embassies and consulates of the Republic of Belarus, other state and public associations and organizations in the Republic of Belarus to develop cooperation with compatriots abroad.


In the countries of residence of compatriots and in Belarus, various events are held with the participation of delegations from Belarus and delegations from the countries of residence of compatriots in Belarus.


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